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Low Potency Bundle (3 Pack)

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🌱 Introducing Our Low Potency Pack: Your Gateway to Effortless Cultivation! 🌱

We're offering you a customizable 3-pack of our low potency varieties. Our test results indicate that these varieties are below 1% mg/g. Customize your pack now and experience the best of our high-potency selection!

Craft your own Low Potency Pack from our selection of "easy growers," designed to make your cultivation journey as smooth as possible. Each pack includes 3 carefully chosen syringes, ensuring a hassle-free growing experience from start to finish.

Discover the joy of effortless cultivation with our beginner-friendly selection.

With varieties handpicked for simplicity and reliability, our Low Potency Pack is your ticket to an exciting journey of growth and discovery.

Start your cultivation journey the right way!