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This is a 10ML Syringe.

One species that has been making waves among growers is Psilocybe natalensis, also known as “Natal Super Strength” mushrooms. 

The Psilocybe natalensis species was described taxonomically in 1995 by Jochen Gartz, Michael Smith, Derek Reid, and Albert Eicker, with this corroborated by genetic sequencingconducted by mycologist Alan Rockefeller. A closely related sister species to Psilocybe cubensis, it is native to pastures in the Natal region of South Africa.

However, Psilocybe natalensis tends to be a revered species among those who have grown and sampled it. Those who have experienced P. natalensis share the following sentiments: 

“I can only compare them to APE [P. cubensis], and I prefer these. You could say they’re about equal in strength, but they give me a different level of the trip. If cubes are 3D, natalensis are 4D.”

“After natalensis, I’ll rarely touch a cubensis again save for microdosing.”

“I tend to be happier on nats. They seem less edgy to me than cubensis.”